ZONEREADY coaches come to your school to directly train your athletes for twelve (12) impactful sessions.  Athletes accelerate their sports performance training under the watchful supervision of ZONEREADY coaches. Your team and position coaches learn how to continue training for year round excellence in your strength and conditioning program.
Qualified coaches at your school for twelve (12) sessions that run for ninety (90) minutes.  Optimal schedule is two (2) sessions per week for the first month, followed by one (1) session per week for the following month.
Athletes and coaches learn how to use the equipment on site and add in other ZONEREADY training concepts to create your own specific program.
Training programs to build sport specific attributes (like power, speed, quickness, strength, etc.) and prevent injuries.
Keep the training programs to continue to use on your own throughout the year.
FREE – One year unlimited access to the online Weightlifting Essentials Link on  Follow up on what was covered during your time with the ZONEREADY coaches.  Detailed and easy to follow video instruction and training schedule to continue your journey.

$3600 for all 12 sessions – For teams of 20, that’s about $15/athlete.  For teams of up to 80 athletes, that can come out to $6 per/athlete.

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