ZONEREADY staff will provide an onsite full day training clinic. This session will include some brief classroom instruction followed by hands on training with highly qualified ZONEREADY coaches.  All participants will leave knowing proper technique that will greatly reduce their risk for injury as well as increase their athletic performance.
Included for ONE-Day Seminar:
-Qualified ZoneReady coach at your school for one or two day of six (6) hours of instruction.
-Explanation of ZONEREADY training philosophy and methodology around performance optimization and inspiring the student-athlete.
-“Learn-by-doing” format that ensures proper technique for exercises that are essential for your success.
-Descriptive coaching cues for individual, small group, and large group instruction.
-Training programs to build strength, power, and prevent injuries.
Pricing (plus any necessary travel costs):
$750 for seminar instruction for up to 20 coaches and athletes – that comes out to less than $40/attendee.  Discuss options and scheduling, contact us today at
This is the complete package. On top of the Introductory Online Training Package and the One Day Seminar, you will have ZONEREADY provide consultation to your team to integrate all facets of sports performance training.  This is a specific program for you and your coaches based on your training environment and goals.
Included for TWO-Day Seminar:
-Qualified coach at your school for two (2) consecutive days of six (6) hour instructional sessions.
-The complete One-Day Seminar package as previously described.
-In depth consultation from experienced ZONEREADY coaches to assess your current training program and adapt it to your goals.
-Specialized training programs to promote functional training and sport specific gains that fit your team, schedule, and facility.  We will create a program that will fit your needs.
-FREE – One year unlimited access to the online Weightlifting Essentials Link on  Follow up on what was covered during your time with a ZONEREADY coach.  Detailed and easy to follow video instruction and training schedule to continue your journey.
-Opportunity for Q&A of ZONEREADY coaches on any and all topics involving sports performance training and beyond.
Pricing (plus any necessary travel costs):
$1350 for both days of seminar instruction that can instruct up to 20 coaches and athletes – per day that is less than $35/attendee.  Discuss options and scheduling, contact us today at



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