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Col James Wright, USAF (Ret) – Former 720th Special Tactics Group Surgeon:
“We have used the techniques taught to our men by Chris Gizzi to completely revise Special Tactics physical training. The men were really excited to get away from traditional military ‘linear’ training and incorporate the training methods taught by Chris into their workout regimens - they noticed a big difference in power, agility, flexibility and fitness. As a side benefit, our injury rate which was 15% from repeated linear training went to practically zero. The guys were able to retain the methods and incorporated them into their daily fitness plans long after they left the Special Tactics Training Squadron. If we had had this kind of training all through the pipeline we would have benefitted even further.”?

Mark Lovat – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Green Bay Packers:
“Zoneready puts pertinent scientific research into an executable format. We have consulted with Chris and his staff over the years and like the results. We look forward to a continued relationship with Zoneready in the years to come.”

Alex Corvo – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Melbourne Storm (Australian National Rugby League):
“To enhance measures involving truly functional skills, like first step quickness; ZoneReady’s philosophies provide a tremendous competitive advantage. They evaluated the statistics, isolated the variables, and delivered a progression that we use consistently.”

Lt Col Terry Maki, USAF (Ret) – Special Tactics Consultant and Retired Officer:
“As a former Division I athlete in two sports, I appreciate the value of expert training and coaching. As a Special Tactics officer for 20 years I nthe Air Force, I could readily see the need t otreat our elite operators like athletes and supported Chris’s involvement in training and coaching our elite forces. ZoneReady is an expert and professional operation. I use Chris Gizzi’s workouts and regiments routinely. He is a master at all things pertaining to human performance.”

Kyle Harrison – Professional Lacrosse Player, Nike and STX sponsored athlete:
“Because of ZoneReady, I’ve completely changed my view on sports performance training. Before I was just exercising or just pushing myself until it hurt. Now, I train to win – I train hard and I train smart.”

MPO Michael Riccio – Fairfax County Police Department, K9:
“My confidence has never been higher, I’ve never run better, and I’ve never been more committed to a training program like I am with ZoneReady.”

Carrie Dodd – Professional Beach Volleyball Player:
“I had trained in a conventional strength and conditioning background my whole life. When I started working with ZoneReady, my vert (vertical jump) went through the roof. Other skills dramatically improved as well. It’s not about the drills or exercises you do, it’s about how you do them and in what order that helped me the most. This is just one of the many things that ZoneReady did to keep me performing my best.”

Andy Bark – Vice President of ESPN Rise:
“From start to finish, these guys (ZoneReady) know how to run the show. The athletes are 100% engaged, 100% of the time.”

Nancy Mason – Professional Volleyball Player:
“Thanks for everything Chris! The versatility and variety of your program knows no bounds. Whether it was pre-season, injury recovery, or season maintenance; Zone Ready always has been there to help me achieve my goals.”

Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg – Professional MMA Fighter:
“When Giz (Coach Chris Gizzi) puts me through a Zone Ready Conditioning session, it feels like I’m in the cage. No punches or kicks are thrown, but I must be at my peak to physically and mentally respond with maximum effort. The exercises keep coming and I must push past the pain and use all my resources to finish strong. I have full confidence that I will be in shape and healthy for my fight—it is the best of both worlds.”

Ed Donatell – NFL Football Coach:
“A successful organization always does at least one thing better than any of its competitors. Coach Gizzi and Zone Ready take this vast world of performance training and simplify it. They make it usable for coaches. That is their thing—a simplified delivery system that gets results.”

Allie Schwarzwalder – College Volleyball Player:
“While training with Doug (Coach Doug Gizzi), I was able to see how high performance training can transfer to my play in college volleyball. We hear all the time in practice—tempo-tempo-tempo, we set the tempo of the game— and through Zone Ready’s training I know how to control my emotions better to play my best.”

Lt. Col. Todd Bynum - College Head Coach and Athletic Director:
“The workouts, training programs, and consultation Zone Ready delivered to us has been instrumental in producing a better conditioned athlete and officer candidates for the Air Force Academy. We are limited on time, money, equipment, and space—we have a surplus of effort, determination, commitment, and persistence. Zone Ready realized all this and helped us construct a fluid model to do our jobs better. Now at the P-School (USAFA Preparatory School), performance optimization training is an all the time thing!”?

Luke Chronister – College Football Player and Performance Coach:
“Zone Ready gave me the answers and guidance to accomplish my goals. If you want it bad enough, this is the type of training you need to do. For me there is no substitute for the physical and mental training Zone Ready provides if you want to be the best.”


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