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Phase Three: Week 1
Total Body Lift, Circuit Conditioning Upper Lift & Recovery Lower Lift & Metabolics SAQ & Recovery Conditioning REST

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360 Speed:

3- 90° Cuts 3-90° Pivots 3-Hurdle Change of Direction 3 Hurdle Shuffle Change of Direction and Pause 3 Hurdle Shuffle Change of Direction to Sprint 3 Hurdle Shuffle with Pause 4 Cone Fundamental-1 4 Cone Fundamental-2
4 Cone Fundamental-3 4 Square 5 and Back - 10 Back - Sprint 20 5 and Back - Sprint 10 5 and Back - Sprint 15 5 and Back - Sprint 5 5 and Back x2 - Sprint 20 5 Cone W-Drill
10yd circle 10yd kickslide 15yd angled shuffle 15yd comeback 15yd sprint breakdown sprint 20yd Figure 8 20yd Maze 20yd Shuttle
20yd W Drill 25yd sprint breakdown sprint 30yd Angle Shuffle 30yd Sprint Breakdown Sprint 40yd Backpedal Angle Sprint 40yd Shuttle 50yd Shuttle 55yd Kickslide Ladder
55yd Ladder Alternate Side Steps Angle Step Climb Angled Change of Direction Angled Drop to Sprint Angled Run Angled Run Deceleration Angled Shuffle
Angled Slides Angled Sprint into Cuts Angled Sprint into Spins Assisted Bwd Deceleration Assisted Slide Deceleration Assisted Sprint Deceleration Assisted X-Over Deceleration Backpedal 10yds Turn Sprint
Backpedal Snake Backpedal Snake Circle Clock Drill Comeback Compass Drill Drop Sprint Figure 8s
Figure 8s Fwd Drift to Sprint Get Offs Hurdle Fwd Bwd Weave Hurdle Lateral 2 Feet Hurdle Lateral Weave Hurdle Over 3 Back 2 Hurdle Run Weave
Hurdle Shuffle Weave Kick Slide Kick Slide Redirect Lateral Drift Lateral Drift Side to Side Linear Deceleration MB Side Toss COD Sprint MB Side Toss to Lateral Sprint
Mirror Drill N Drill Pro-Shuttle Q Drill S Drill Shuffle - COD - X-Over Shuffle - X-Over - Sprint Shuttle
Side Shuufle - X-Over- Sprint Side Steps Slide Change of Direction Slide Deceleration Sprint Quick Feet Sprint Stutter Side Sprint Stutter Side Step Sprint Stutter Sprint Stutter
T Drill TB Fetch V Drill W-Drill X-Over COD X-Over Deceleration X-Over into Sprint Y Drill



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